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2011 Results

2011 You and ME Duo Duel Category Winners   (some pretty creative team names!)

For full results: http://coolrunning.com/results/11/me/Aug27_Youand_set1.shtml

COED OVERALL WINNERS      Team Grenyah         Colleen AHREN         Daniel RABOIN        37:39.8 

MALE OVERALL WINNERS      Team Prefontaine     Shane MURPHY          Nate DIMARINO           35:22.2 

FEMALE OVERALL WINNERS    Sole Sisters         Erin GARVEY           Carly DION                 38:30.4 

COED UNDER 40   LePage/Forrette      Peter LEPAGE          Lindsay FORRETTE         40:35.6 

COED UNDER 40   Hentz/Dracoules      Kimberly HENTZ        Christophe DRACOULES      41:19.9 

MALE UNDER 40    Team Awesome         Vinnie ZOLLA          Taylor SAUCIER          36:39.3 

MALE UNDER 40 Dragon & Night Hawk     Ben MCGINNIS          Trevor UPDIKE           38:21.7 

FEMALE UNDER 40   Donahue/Flatley      Annelise DONAHUE      Erin FLATLEY                 43:06.6 

FEMALE UNDER 40  Reidy/Dunay          Michelle REIDY        Brittany DUNAY          45:58.1 

FEMALE 40-59     Pastlow/Pederson     Jessica PASTLOW       Heather PEDERSON         43:01.1 

FEMALE 40-59      Hardman/Martins      Natalie HARDMAN       Kim MARTINS              44:42.2 

COED 40-59        Let's Jet            Sarah ENMAN           Justin ENMAN            43:24.8 

COED 40-59      Krohnsters           Tana KROHN            Michael KROHN              43:51.4 

MALE 40-59     The Dark Knights     Georffrey WAHOME      Boco ORINGA                  36:54.2 

MALE 40-59      Will Power           Will ARBUCKLE         Will THOMAS              38:17.7 

COED 40-59     The Rowdies          Katelyn BEELEY        Sam GOODRICH               44:33.7 

COED 40-59     Herrick/O'Brien      Kacie HERRICK         Nick O'BRIEN                44:34.1 

COED 60-79    LSR Racing           Jacob RUTTINGER       Elizabeth SULLIVAN           42:38.7 

COED 60-79     Tiger Blood          Kurt COTE             Sabrina COTE              40:06.6 

FEMALE 60-79   Stockley / Stockley  Bernice STOCKLEY      Leela STOCKLEY              49:34.2 

FEMALE 60-79    GigiMaura            Maura EDGECOMB        Gigi STONE-GRANNELL          52:19.9 

MALE 60-79       Rad Racing           Kevin DOWNING         Peter DOWNING              37:10.2 

MALE 60-79       Yeah Buddy           Ben ROSCILLO          Bill SMITH                41:39.8 

COED 80-99     dylitch              Mitch ALDEN           Dylan ALDEN                41:11.2 

FEMALE 80-99    Team Sheepish        Heidi WOOLEVER DALY   Scott DOUGLAS               41:20.6 

COED 80-99      Team ViSalus         Julie SMYTH           Curt SMYTH                  42:45.5 

FEMALE 80-99    We Pass Boys         Madison STEDL         Kelly RAMOS              45:43.4 

FEMALE 80-99   Forest / Touchin     Alex FOREST           Roberta TOUCHIN           55:30.0 

MALE 80-99      Rowdies              Floyd LAVERY          Bob HARTLEY                 38:29.3

MALE 80-99     Fenderson / White    Blane FENDERSON       Mark WHITE                 40:55.6 

COED 100-119    Sylvan               Paul TOOHEY           Jeanne HACKETT            40:17.7 

COED 100-119   The Hurricaines      Maureen SPROUT        Bob DUNFEY                43:45.2 

FEMALE 100-119    Donnelly / Tucker    Kathy DONNELLY        Ellie TUCKER                43:54.0 

FEMALE 100-119   McKeen's Dream       Janice JAFFE          Susie DORN                57:25.0 

MALE 100-119    Team Harris               Steven HARRIS         Ralph HARRIS              51:22.4 

COED 120+      Circle rth           Robert RANDALL        Becky HARKEMA                48:39.4 

COED 120+       FLYNN                Michele FLYNN         Robert FLYNN              53:22.0 

MALE 120+       Maine Rowdies v. 1.0    Lawson             Joel CROTEAU                 44:05.1 

MALE ORG/COMP    Two for the Road     Dan LAVIGNE           John ELDGREDGE              39:05.8 

COED ORG/COMP    MMC                  Kristen CONLEY        Brian SCHAAB                38:55.2 

FEMALE ORG/CO      Girls Gone Running   Ronnie-Lyn SMITH      Vanessa CUTTER             48:04.3 



Georffrey WAHOME    Boco ORINGA       The Dark Knights       36:54.2

Tana Krohn and Michael Krohn          The Krohnsters   43:51

Loren Bowley Dow and Erin Maguire                           55:30

Truc Huynh and Claudia Marroquin     Truc and Claudia 55:40

Kate Reicherst and George Reichert   Team Reichert  58:07

Sean Findlen and Kori Green             Weber Shandwick Worldwide1:03:55


Top two teams in each age category received awards.

We apologize that some errors caused more than two teams to be awarded in a few age groups.